Support to State and Federal Governments is an aspect of PIND’s Advocacy for Niger Delta Development (ANDD) program. The ANDD is a multi-faceted initiative for raising awareness about economic development needs and issues in the Niger Delta and promoting collective action to address them under PIND’s four thematic program areas. Read more here.

Through the Support to State and Federal Governments project, PIND seeks to promote, inform and influence policies and approaches that promote productivity and inclusive equitable economic opportunities for businesses, state governments, and Nigerian federal institutions and agencies operating within PIND’s value chains in the Niger Delta through policy dialogue, partnerships and research evidence.


Objectives are as follows:

  • To inform and influence government policies and decisions to support pro-poor, sustainable, and equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta region
  • To influence policies, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of government to support its vision in building a legacy of sustainable peace and development among communities in the Niger Delta.
  • To position PIND as an organisation able to receive and implement donor grants in the region.
  • To promote a culture of partnership, collaboration, and coordination and shared learning amongst development partners in addressing systemic constraints to economic growth in the Niger Delta.
  • To improve understanding and create awareness on systemic constraints and enablers to inclusive equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta region.
  • To create opportunities for dialogue, reflection and debates among development actors and interested stakeholders to support ongoing and future economic growth initiatives in the Niger Delta.