Every stakeholder in the Niger Delta desires a Niger Delta that thrives under a secure environment and a robust economy where jobs are available for young people, particularly the women. In an attempt to ensure that this desire is actualized, PIND in partnership with four non-governmental organisations – Facility for Oil Sector Transparency (FOSTER), Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Program (NSRP), Stakeholders Democracy Network (SDN), Nextier Advisory, and four government ministries/agencies – Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, Presidential Amnesty Program, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and Ministry of Environment, came up with the Niger Delta Way Forward program aimed at moving the region from stabilization to sustainable development.

The Program will focus on reviewing the various existing plans for Niger Delta development and refining them into a better coordinated operational framework for stabilisation and sustainable development of the region ensuring that development efforts in the region are not being duplicated. The new operational framework will tackle six key areas namely security, rule of law, economic diversification, environment, governance and social well-being and is expected to serve as a tool for the Federal Government to engage with the region.


The NDWF Program is still in its stage of infancy, so far we have organised youth forums where individuals were brought in from across different ethnic and regional groups to discuss their concerns and the region’s future. We organised workshops for key stakeholders in the region to articulate strategies aimed at accelerating development, coordinating development efforts in the region, and reinforcing and rallying a cohesive strategy for government Agencies to work together in the region.

Project Details

Project Area:

  • Analysis and Advocacy

  • Support to State and Federal

  • Governments