Charles Ubani, USAID-PIND SACE project, Lead discussant during a syndicate session at the NDDF 2016-X2

Chuks Ofulue, BRACED Commission speaking as a panlist during a syndicate session at the NDDF 2016-XL

Cross section of panelist NDDF 2016-X2

Cross section of participants at a syndicate session-X2

Cross section participant at the NDDF 2016-X2

Cross section participant at the Niger Delta Development Forum NDDF 2016-X2

Cross section participants at the Niger Delta Development Forum NDDF 2016-X2

Dr Ogaga Iwodo giving a goodwill message on behalf of the incoming managing director of Niger Delta Development Commission-X2

Dr. Austin Onuoha, African Centre for Corporate responsibility NDDF 2016-XL

Dr. Otive Igbuzor speaking during a syndicate session at the Niger delta Development Forum NDDF 2016-XL

Dr. Otive igbuzor, Centre LSD speaking during a syndicate se-XL

Dr. Tee Mac Omashola Iseli entertaining participant by playing the flute at the NDDF 2016-X2

Dr. Tee mac Omashola Iseli, Dr. Iniobong Essien, Dr. Otive Igbuzor, Dr. Austin Onuoha & Simon Gusah at the NDDF 2016-X2

Erin Holleran, USAID giving a goodwill message at NDDF 2016-X2

Ese Emerhi MC day two activities at the NDDF 2016-X2

From R-L Joel Bisina, Lite Africa & Emem Okon at the cross section niger Delta Develoment NDDF 2016 copy-X3

From R-L Odigha Odigha & Professor Akpesi Ogbuigwe during the Syndicate Session at the NDDF 2016-X3

From the R-L Aler Grubbs USAID, Tunde MADE, Sylvester Okoh-F-X2

From the R-L Atim Uko sproxil Nigeria Ltd, and Tosin Akingb-X2

From the R-L Deputy governor of Imo state, Sam Daibo Executi-X2

From the R-L konboye,Atim Uko, Tunde Oderinde,Tosin Akingbad-X2

From the R-L Peter Idabor & at the cross section of the niger Delta Development Forum NDDF 2016-X3

From the R-L Tunde oderinde, DAI-MADE, and Charles Ubani USA-X2

Group photo of VIPs at the NDDF 2016

Heather Kulp, Executive Director NDPI-X2

Hilda Dokubo, Niger Delta filmaker and Activist giving a goo-X2

Lawrence Okezie Odoemelem, Abia State Government on a bi-sec-X2

Monalisa Chinda Coker, Niger Delta Nollywood Actress giving -X2

Nosa Amayo contributing to the discussion at the NDDF 2016-XL

Odigha Odigha speaking at syndicate session at the NDDF 2016-X2

Participant asking question at the Forum NDDF 2016 -X2

Participant asking questions at the forum NDDF 2016-XL

Participant contributing to discussions at the NDDF 2016-XL

Peter Idabor D.G. for Nosdra representing Minister for Enveroment Amina Mohammend at the NDDF 2016 -X2

Professor Akpesi Ogbuigwe Presenting reports of Key outcomes from Syndicate Sessions NDDF 2016-X2

Representing the Governor of Imo State.His Excellency, Princ-X2

Sam Daibo, Executive Director, PIND. Taking the welcome addr-X2

Sam Harte SA Media & Outreach for Abia State giving a good -X2

Simon Gusah speaking as a panelist at a syndicate session at the NDDF 2016-XL

Simon Gusah, Urban Base Consulting at the Niger Delta Development Forum NDDF 2016-XL

Sylvester Okoh, fields Project Manager, PIND, presenting reports of Syndicate sessions at the NDDF 2016-X2

Tunde Oderinde, Team Lead DAI-MADE, Leading a panel discussi-X2

Uduak okon, Executive Director Youth Alive foundation giving-X2

Niger Delta Development Forum 2016 – Owerri