Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH)

The severity of the WASH needs in Nigeria’s Niger Delta cuts across communities and institutions in urban, peri-urban and rural settings, with largely dysfunctional and non-existent WASH facilities and services, such as: safe sanitary disposal of human waste, hand washing and water supply facilities, etc. Facilities for WASH are either grossly inadequate or simply not…

Efficient technologies (Adjustable Harvester, SSPE, Malaysian Knife)

Efficient technologies seek to increase and enhance the efficiency and profitability of Palm Oil Farmers in the Niger Delta region. In line with improving technology, improving access to resources and facilitating system change in the palm oil sector, PIND facilitated the introduction and promotion of the Adjustable Palm Fruit Harvester, the Small-Scale Processing Equipment (SSPE), and the Malaysian…

Niger Delta Way Forward (NDWF)

Every stakeholder in the Niger Delta desires a Niger Delta that thrives under a secure environment and a robust economy where jobs are available for young people, particularly the women. In an attempt to ensure that this desire is actualized, PIND in partnership with four non-governmental organisations – Facility for Oil Sector Transparency (FOSTER), Nigeria…
  • demonstration-pond-project-aquaculture

  • 17% Increase in Profit Gained by 766 Fish Farmers

  • Improved Farming Practices

  • PIND trained a pool of local service providers with the capacity to deliver both technical and business knowledge to fish farmers

  • PIND-funded Maximizing Agricultural Revenue in Key Enterprises and Targeted Sites

  • Additional income in fish farming business has meant increased membership in fish farming associations

Aquaculture Value Chain Pilot Project

PIND’s value chain projects focus on poverty reduction by applying a market development approach. Each project seeks to create more accessible and inclusive market systems, thereby increasing the economic opportunities for large numbers of the poor and providing a path for them to escape poverty.

P4P Taking Developmental Strides Across The Niger Delta One Step At A Time

Partners for Peace Network  (P4P) is a Network whose mission is geared towards building social capital around peace building by amplifying the voice of positive actors, building a core network of self-identified agents of peace, and leveraging the network through facilitation, small grants, and capacity building. P4P’s vision is dedicated to promoting sustainable peaceable livelihoods…

Capacity Building for Local Empowerment (CAPABLE) project

Our Capacity Building for Local Empowerment (CAPABLE) project seeks to enhance the institutional and technical capacity of development organisations and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Niger Delta to achieve their goals and objectives As Nigerian local development organisations including civil society organisations, business membership associations, community-based organisations and some development oriented government agencies strive…