Accurate socio-economic information and better-informed stakeholders are not only vital to the effectiveness of PIND’s programs but critical ingredients for improving development practice and creating an enabling environment for growth to occur in the Niger Delta. There is a significant gap in the amount of current, reliable data available to guide development planning and learning. PIND’s Analysis and Advocacy program has been helping to address this gap by gathering data and generating credible analysis of the key economic, institutional, and peace building constraints in the Niger Delta. It then seeks to increase understanding and awareness of these constraints amongst stakeholders with an interest in the region.


Analysis and Advocacy’s objectives are carried out under the Advocacy for Niger Delta Development (ANDD) strategy:

Inform and Influence governments’ decisions and policies through data and evidence to remove identified systemic constraints in value chains PIND supports.

Position PIND as an organization able to receive and implement donor grants in the region.

Promote a culture of partnership, collaboration, and coordination and shared learning amongst development partners in addressing systemic constraints to economic growth in the Niger Delta.

Improve understanding and create awareness on systemic constraints and enablers to inclusive equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta region.

Create opportunities for dialogue, reflection and debates among development actors and interested stakeholders to support ongoing and future economic growth initiatives in the Niger Delta.


Through this program, we are connecting multinational companies, IOCs, private businesses, and individuals working in the Niger Delta to achieve one goal:  the sustainable development of the region. Learn more

Through this project, we provide media training for developmental organisations as well as media support to help build their capacity, communicate and advocate for activities and issues within the region. Learn more

Through this project, we share key advocacy messages on different issues concerning economic development, peace building and capacity building. Learn more

Through this program, we work to inform and influence government decisions and policies through data and evidence to remove identified systemic constraints to the value chains and business linkages interventions PIND supports. Learn more

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The first edition of the Niger Delta Development Forum held in Port Harcourt in 2012

Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF)

Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) is an advocacy platform to inform, influence and leverage resources from the public, private and civil society organizations aimed at promoting models, approaches, and strategies to attain equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta. Learn more

Linking partners for sustainable development in the Niger Delta


NDLink is the fastest growing online community for development practitioners in the Niger Delta. A diverse community of stakeholders, multinational companies, IOCs, private businesses, and individuals working in the Niger Delta to achieve one goal:  the sustainable development of the region. Learn more


Permanent Secretary to the Minister of Environment, Bukar Hassan, Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs Min. Usani Usani, and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Program Brig. Gen. Paul Boroh at the Niger Delta Way Forward Workshop.

Niger Delta Way Forward (NDWF)

The Niger Delta Way Forward program is aimed at moving the region from stabilisation to sustainable development. The program will focus on reviewing the various existing plans for Niger Delta development and refining them into a better coordinated operational framework for stabilisation and sustainable development of the region ensuring that development efforts in the region are not being duplicated.

Learn more

PIND Program Director Dr. Dara Akala, Cross River State Chief Economic Adviser Dr. Francis Ntamu, PIND Executive Director Mr. Sam Daibo, and Cross River State Chairman of the Strategic Policy Advisory Council Dr. Pius Tawo (from left to right) reading and signing the partnership agreement.

Cross Rivers State Government Partnership

This partnership seeks to advance and facilitate sustainable development of Cross Rivers State; to develop the state’s agricultural economy with emphasis on cocoa, cassava, aquaculture and oil palm value chains; produce a strategic document to help the state’s economic development planning; develop new strategies and policies for youth development and support the state government in the selection of the right partners for specific sector development. Learn more

His Excellency Senator Ifeanyi Okowa Executive Govenor Delta State giving welcome address at the Niger Delta Development Forum, Asaba

Delta State Government Partnership

PIND is currently negotiating a partnership with the Delta State Government to inform and influence policies, decisions, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of the government to support pro-poor, sustainable, and equitable economic growth in Delta State and to support PIND’s vision of building a legacy of sustainable peace and development among communities in Delta State. Learn more


Young people from Warri in training on best practices in storytelling using photography and video

Media for Development

Our Media for development unit seeks to utilise the power of media to stimulate developmental impact by increasing awareness of systemic constraints and opportunities in the Niger Delta, actively working with development partners, CSOs, and donors across the region. Learn more

Advocacy calendars share with PIND partners information on best practices and programs that PIND is currently promoting, like the biosand filter

Advocacy Calendar

We produce an advocacy calendar annually to share key advocacy messages on different issues concerning economic development, peace building and capacity building. Produced annually, each calendar centres around a theme and is distributed widely to PIND stakeholders. Learn more


Women like these were the focus of Aries Concept’s research on the impact of gender norms on the possibility of equitable socio-economic development

Small Research Grants Program (SRGP)

This program is designed to engage policymakers, civil society, think tanks, researchers, academia, and students in the promotion of strategic research and publications on the Niger Delta. Learn more

This woman processing cassava in Rivers State benefits from training on improvements in agricultural processing that Rivers Songhai Initiative shares with local farmers

Models of Development and Experiential Learning (MODEL)

This project seeks to identify and share development models that promote better practices, strategies, and approaches for socio-economic development in the Niger Delta. Learn more